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The Hotusa Group is an organization with its headquarters in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, comprising several companies connected with diverse spheres of activity in the tourist sector. It originated from the chain of independent establishments, Hotusa Hotels, founded in 1977.

The Hotusa Group, at present, encompasses two chains of independent hotels: Hotusa Hotels and Elysées West Hotels; the hotel representatives, Keytel; the central bookings office, Restel; the technology firm IGM Web; the portal for data management and on-line bookings; the Eurostars Hotels chain which operates a total of 200 establishments, as well as an additional number of 35 directly operated hotels.

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At Hotusa Hotels, we have spent years working to equip independent hotels with all the necessary tools to work with the resources available to the large hotel chains.

In this mission, we are driven by a bold spirit, defined equally by competitive efficiency, leadership skills and a large expertise bound by years of activity and good management in the hotel market.

With the firm belief that progress is faster and better in company, on this journey, we invite the hotels who wish to share this unique vision and the ability to identify opportunities of development, success and growth with us.

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