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For decades, Onity has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic locks. Through the years, we have expanded our services and solutions to become a leading provider of innovative facility technologies, from electronic locks and smart-card systems, to electronic in-room safes, minibars and energy management systems. Today, Onity is a globally recognized provider of reliable solutions and accessible support.

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Onity® is a leading global provider of electronic locks to the Hospitality industry. Through the years, as technologies have become intertwined, we have expanded our services and solutions and have become much more than just a lock maker. Today, we provide a host of innovative facility management technologies, from electronic locks and smart card applications, to electronic safes, and energy management solutions.

We continue our dedication to the Hospitality industry worldwide by responding to the increasing demand for multiple solutions from a single source with worldwide service and support. Our electronic solutions can be found in more than 22,000 hotels around the globe. At Onity, we are about building lasting client relationships and providing the right solutions they need anywhere in the world. Over 200 hotel chains around the world already rely on Onity for their electronic hotel solutions.

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