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The Plum Guide

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Founder & CEO Doron went on vacation to Tel Aviv. The home he booked was incredible. He felt like he had won the lottery. “Why isn't always like this? Why is booking a home so hit-and-miss?” he thought. “It shouldn't feel like a lottery every time you book a holiday.”

Imagine if we could promise to customers that they’d never get it wrong. Doron brought together a group of architects, travellers, interior designers and psychologists with the aim of decoding the secret ingredients of the perfect stay. We call it the Science behind The Perfect Stay.

This science powers the criteria made in the Plum Test, now in its 5th iteration: a set of 150 criteria, which measure everything from shower pressure to WiFi speed and design credentials. Just 3% of homes make the cut.

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Plum Guide is not just a booking platform. It's a benchmark for quality. And in the unruly world of vacation rentals, it's the only mark of quality you'll need.

There are 5,000,000+ vacation homes listed online. The choice is overwhelming. The standard is dispiriting.

It's a quagmire. And it's the reason we created the Plum Guide Award. Our mission is to find and award the best homes out there with our trusted quality mark.

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