About RateHawk

RateHawk is the best booking engine for travel agencies

We lead the way in accommodations: 1.4+ million hotels worldwide from 120+ suppliers, as well as air tickets, transfers, car rentals and group bookings.

RateHawk features

Enormous selection of travel services

Select all the travel services you need in one system: 1.4+ million hotels worldwide, air tickets and transfers, as well as car rentals.

Incredibly low prices

Book any travel services worldwide at discounted B2B rates.

A choice of operating models

Choose the one you prefer for working with us: with net prices or under a commission model.

Support 24/7

Ask anytime: our multi-lingual support service is available around the clock.

Rich functionality

Take full advantage of the technological and intuitive interface.

High-quality back-office

Get information on orders, vouchers and reports online.

Exclusive manual precheck of bookings

Book with confidence: we additionally check all the order details with the hotel.

Attractive loyalty program

Save up points and use them to pay for bookings. 1 loyalty point = 1 unit in the local currency.

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