About B2B.Ostrovok

B2B.Ostrovok.ru is a service for booking hotels, air tickets, and other travel services for professionals.

Low prices. Remarkable service. Customizable interface.

Why B2B.Ostrovok.ru?

  • 1.4M+ accommodation across the world
  • 120+ worldwide suppliers
  • 33K+ direct contracts
  • 20.5K+ partners

B2B.Ostrovok features


  • Cost-effective B2B rates: We save you money, obtaining the best prices from worldwide suppliers and direct from tens of thousands of hotels.
  • Immediate confirmation: We save you time, our website only shows rates with instant confirmation of bookings.
  • Fixed prices: We fix the price in rubles at the time of booking. No more trouble from exchange rate fluctuations.


  • Friendly interface: We have developed an intuitive, user-friendly interface for our booking system: photos, reviews from our customers and TripAdvisor, filtering on 33 parameters, all help you find the right hotel fast.
  • Account: We provide financial information online: booking statistics, accounts, reconciliation, credit limit, payment history and closing documents are always available in your user account.
  • API integration: We immediately integrate our platform with in-house and third-party travel agency booking systems. We can automatically load orders into 1C and other accounting and document management systems you work with.


  • Customer Support: We are always here, our multilingual customer service is available 24/7. You will also be assigned a personal account manager.
  • Additional Services: We deal with individual and group bookings (more than 5 rooms), offer a self-drive car rental service, and can arrange conference rooms and other services for off-site events.
  • Additional booking check: We check every booking before guests check in and confirm all order details with the hotel.

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