About Emesa

As an international e-commerce player, Emesa wants to make the online shopping experience more fun and exciting for young and old. With over 100 million visits per year, 3 million satisfied consumers and awarded the prestigious title of website of the year for the fifth consecutive year, we are the Dutch market leader in the travel and leisure sector for dynamic pricing. Through innovative websites such as VakantieVeilingen and ActievandeDag, we have been creating new sales channels for our business partners since 2004. Thanks to the variety of propositions on different e-commerce platforms, we are able to achieve large volumes and offer exclusive deals.

Through hard work and a commitment to high quality, our 200 employees enable us to seize new opportunities every day. We are continually developing new e-commerce platforms and propositions to make the online buying experience more exciting. Our goal is to continuously surprise our consumers with better offers and to provide our partners with more business opportunities.

Emesa features


  • Offer customised solutions to maximise yield
  • Manage volume and prices on all our websites


  • Provide insights into target audiences, needs, locations and more
  • Provide insights into consumer behaviour and marketing trends
  • Offer business insights


  • Develop concepts to generate new business
  • Create branded content
  • Develop marketing propositions


  • Offer a full-service online marketing platform
  • Increase marketing reach
  • Offer our expertise in online ticketing and reservation systems
  • Manage the complete, financial processing of online purchases

Emesa pricing

Several number of OTA, metasearch… integrations are included in your contract.

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