About Moonback

“4 people are looking right now! Only 1 room left!”

Other booking sites try to pressure you into booking with statements like these. Annoying, isn’t it? Those same booking sites force hotels to pay exorbitantly high commissions – as they are all about maximum profit. We believe that all of this should be different – and we’re showing everyone how.

Moonback features

Stress-free booking

No one likes being rushed into booking by statements like “In high demand – there’s only 1 room left!” On the Moonback website, we keep it calm – you decide when you are ready to book your hotel room.

Honest search results

Our search results are based on the best match for you, not on which hotel pays us the most. The hotels you see will meet all of your needs – nothing more or less.

Know your destination

Visiting a city you haven’t been to before? Then it’s not easy to find the best hotel location. To help you out, we’ve added all kinds of city info to the map.

Direct contact with your hotel

With Moonback, you know your hotel, and they know about you. So, get in touch! Call them, email them – they are eager to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

No hidden costs

One of the benefits of being an honest booking site is that we have nothing to hide. You can see exactly where your hard-earned money is going. Hint: a larger portion of it goes to the actual hotel, compared to other booking sites.

Zero fuss cancellation

Sometimes plans change – that’s life. If you need to cancel, we don’t ask questions. We simply cancel your booking – with zero fuss.

Moonback pricing

Several number of OTA, metasearch… integrations are included in your contract.

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