O Dierbaar België

O Dierbaar België

About O Dierbaar België

O Dierbaar België = Sophie Allegaert + Heikki Verdurme

She's a journalist, he's a photographer. Two lucky bastards who have been whizzing around the world for years making reports for newspapers and magazines. Through many foreign countries, but also in their own country. Because travelling has nothing to do with kilometers. You can also find what you are looking for close by. Only then, strangely enough, you have to search a little longer.

That is exactly why there is O Dierbaar Belgium.

We are trained to find special places and also hate intensely to spend hours scrolling through filth until that one pearl turns up. So here we share all our special places to stay. Especially for you. Affordable design hotels, luxurious vacation homes, charming b&b's, tree houses in the greenery and everything in between. Only 'coups de coeur'. Places that we really like and that we would like to recommend to you. For free.

O Dierbaar België features

And to make it easy, we've divided all those special lodging addresses in O Precious Belgium into collections:

Romantic weekend with the sweetheart of your dreams? **Just the two of us!

Outing with your wild friends? Cool & the gang!

Grand family reunion including that demanding uncle (and with 10 or more)? XXL!

Some cool big city vibe? City vibes!

Recharge in the green? Into the wild!

Instant gang of kids on a rampage? Family proof!

An aesthetic retreat without visual noise? Design lovers!

Real silence, one that reverberates? Enjoy the silence!

Or could it be a bit more special? Extra special!

O Dierbaar België pricing

Several number of OTA, metasearch… integrations are included in your contract.

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