Salto Space

Salto Space

About Salto Space

SALTO Space is a fully integrated, standalone, wireless and intelligent access control platform with web-based management software for hassle-free, secure, efficient and flexible access for all doors in any building.

SALTO Space delivers an intelligent server-based access control platform designed for a wireless environment. There is no need to wire access points in a building, so you do not need to replace existing doors and locks.

Salto Space features

The SALTO Space data-on-card access control platform is a user-friendly system that integrates all physical security needs through intelligent standalone, battery-powered locks.

Manage and control access to all your buildings from behind your desk. Easily check battery status (for maintenance optimization), events and doors.

Salto Space pricing

€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

Salto Space screenshots

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