Tempting Places

Tempting Places

About Tempting Places

TemptingPlaces is an exclusive collection of the most extraordinary boutique hotels in the world. The brand signature counts over 55 hotels in 15 dream destinations, selected for their service, authenticity and unrivalled unique experiences.

Since 2010 we are passionately promoting distinctive properties, helping their visionary owners to share their passion in reinventing hospitality and provide experiential travel. Our collection looks to unveil secret and hidden hotels, all unique and different, whilst ensuring consistent quality of services to traveler. Discover hotels where owners share their passion to art, others offering best healing experiences, and others yet engaging guests to participate in sustainable development projects….

We are ensured, that whatever your travel desire is, romance or family, spa or adventure, gastronomy or art, we are committed to transform your stay into an unforgettable experience in the most beautiful hotels of the world!

Tempting Places features

TemptingPlaces is an independent collection that makes sure its member hotels pass stringent requirements to guarantee the quality and exclusivity of the collection.

  1. Size

Boutique hotels are small and intimate properties, that is why none of our members has more than 100 rooms.

  1. Personalized Services

We are always looking for excellent services and home away home feeling, ensured by an attentive & passionate team.

  1. Location & Sense of Place

Whether hotel is located in trendy urban area, sophisticated countryside or remote resort destination, we attach a great importance to its connection with social and cultural environment.

  1. Atmosphere & Design

We believe that boutique hotels have a strong identity, as they are thought to give emotions. We are therefore looking for a singular architecture or design, as well as the spirit of the owner behind it.

  1. Experience & Uniqueness

More than just a stylish hotel, we are looking for individual properties that offer an out of the ordinary experience. At TemptingPlaces being unique is a common asset.

Tempting Places pricing

Several number of OTA, metasearch… integrations are included in your contract.

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