Tilli Kassa

Tilli Kassa

About Tilli Kassa

There are many POS systems on the market. However, there is still demand from the sector for a cash register system that meets the wishes of the hospitality industry. A system that is not complicated and that is easy to use and maintain. And this at an affordable price. TilliKassa offers you all of this.

Tilli Kassa features

What makes TilliKassa unique: Everything in the cloud! The rule is: As long as you have WIFI! Handhelds / Tablets / Printers all connect to a WIFI network. Plug And Play! No internet for a while? Then temporarily connect everything to your phone's hotspot! Yes, we do! We also have the perfect floor plan display. New staff can learn the layout quickly. Press on a table and make an order. Tables can also be moved easily. A handheld should be a tool in the employee's hand. That's why we kept the till simple and 'clean', so that everyone can start using it quickly. Works on all mobile phones.

Tilli Kassa pricing

€15 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

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