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Visit Domburg

About Visit Domburg offers the most complete and current availability of 14 participating hotels. Book through then you are assured of the best quality at the best price. is the official booking site of the Entrepreneurs Badplaats Domburg (OBD). The OBD aims to work together to make Badplaats Domburg as attractive and accessible as possible to visitors. In addition to the website, the OBD organises numerous activities. Look for an up-to-date overview on the event calendar. Domburg as seaside resort Domburg seaside resort is the stylish and invigorating seaside resort of Zeeland where it is like coming home. Guests have been coming here to enjoy the healing air, the refreshing water and the beautiful surroundings for more than 200 years. Since 2014, Domburg has had official bathing status, a recognition that is only awarded when it has been scientifically established that a stay in this environment can lead to better health. Badplaats Domburg also offers a wide range of shops, restaurants and activities which make a holiday or short stay complete. For an up-to-date overview, please visit this website.

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