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Welcome to WebBeds, the world’s fastest growing provider of accommodation distribution services to the travel industry.

Webbeds features

As an intermediary, or bedbank, we source content from travel suppliers, connect, aggregate and merchandise that content in our platform, the WebBeds Marketplace, and distribute it to our global network of travel trade clients, who sell to the travelling public.

The process of bringing together over 365,000+ hotels and 15,000+ ground services in more than 14,000 destinations in a way that adds value to suppliers' businesses, and distributing that content to a global network of over 44,000 travel companies in more than 145 source markets in ways that meet their needs, is a complicated and technical ecosystem.

The WebBeds Global Marketplace where travel suppliers and travel sellers seamlessly connect to sell and buy travel content, is driven and supported by a talented and dedicated team of technology, contracting, sales, operations, finance and marketing specialists.

Webbeds pricing

Several number of OTA, metasearch… integrations are included in your contract.

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