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MAiS team consists of hotel management specialists and consultants with more than 15 years of world-wide experience in hospitality industry, as well as with technical and technological know-how. We are dedicated to provide our customers with innovative solutions that contribute to their business success.

In 1998, we delivered the first installations of our core product hotel management system "Fidelity". Since then, Fidelity has proven to be a highly functional and intelligent business software, supporting business processes of hotel and other hospitality companies for a number of business organizations.

Hotelinco functies

Hotelinco PMS Service is a Web-based software solution designed especially for managing small accommodation properties, such as such as motels, B&B's, small hotel franchisees, apartment complexes and small hotel chains.

This system is based in Slovenia and is important for the Slovenian Market.

Hotelinco prijzen

€0,50 per unit (min. €15) voor integratie met de Cubilis Channel Manager

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