About Bijlandgenoten

"Bij Landgenoten" provides an overview of Belgians who are active in (foreign) tourism and - wherever they are in the world - run a B&B or hotel, offer a vacation home or villa for rent, run a restaurant, or offer or accompany tours.

Research has shown that many Belgian tourists feel the need - when they are on vacation - to stay with their fellow countrymen or to eat with them. This site fills that need by offering the most comprehensive overview possible of Belgians who are active in (foreign) tourism with their own business.

Bijlandgenoten features

However, the website does not limit itself to listing these addresses. Our own editorial staff also publishes the latest news from these compatriots so that you are completely up-to-date in case of a visit to the site.

Other editorial initiatives complement the above objectives.

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€15 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

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