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Cycling through the beautiful landscape, walking along babbling brooks, heartily enjoying local products during a comfortable stay in a pleasant hotel; that’s staying overnight in a Heuvelland hotel. The Heuvelland forms the perfect base for a relaxing weekend or an active holiday. Nearby Maastricht, Luik and Aken and still in the middle of the unique landscape of South-Limburg. There’s something to do for everyone: shopping, wellness, nature, gastronomy, museums and the friendly culture where you will quickly feel at home.

In the small family hotels that are members of Heuvellandhotels, you can be sure of a warm welcome by the host and hostess of the hotel, who happen to be the proud owners as well. Only authentic hoteliers, whose hospitality and friendliness are paramount, are qualified to join Heuvellandhotels. Through Heuvellandhotels you will come in direct contact with them and you will book a traditional hotel stay in South-Limburg with a guaranteed holiday feeling.

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