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Hotek Hospitality Group was established in 1999 by Dolf Mulder with the vision 'we do our business differently and uniquely! Why? Because in 1994, during an internship at a Spanish supplier of hotel locks, he experienced the beauty of the hospitality market. At that time, a magnetic card system was completely new and mobile phones did not yet exist. A completely different approach in a traditional market, that still gives Dolf energy. Being unique with a 24-hour service, constant innovation and responding well to the wishes of the hotel market. With Hotek, Dolf has developed a brand that the hotel world can no longer imagine life without. With its team of 32 employees, Hotek literally opens doors and provides innovation in the market. After more than 20 years, Dolf is still 100% active on the work floor; a hands-on mentality is the strength of the company. Why do it the hard way if you can do it together?

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€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

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