About Lacoly

Do hotels think emailing is the best way to communicate with guests?

Meet a brand new way of guest communication by using WhatsApp.

Explore personality with guests in a way like never before.

We are Lacoly, a proud Partner of WhatsApp.

Together with Lacoly, hotels can build WhatsApp flows in order to create a unique guest connection.

By using WhatsApp, hotels can:

  1. Surprise guests by sharing personal based pre-arrival data,
  2. Receive additional guest information for more effective processes and offer guests the best upsell in a personal way.

Empower a whole new way of communication and increase revenue. All that without the need of typing any WhatsApp messages or the need of keeping an eye on WhatsApp conversations.

Lacoly features

Supported features:

  1. Find guest information to send WhatsApp messages
  2. Share pre-arrival information with hotel guests
  3. Add breakfast or any other services
  4. Change reservation states
  5. Update guest information

Lacoly pricing

€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

Lacoly screenshots

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