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MountVacation, the leading online reservation system for holidays in the mountains, helps all mountain lovers, in winter as in summer, to easily view, compare as well as book holidays.

Facilities availabilities and the services provided (ski school, equipment rental, tour excursions ...) are all input in the reservation system, allowing thus for any visitor and user of the website to visualise availabilities, prices and promotions through a single interface. MountVacation system aggregates all the data and allows you to make bookings. Reservations are confirmed almost immediately. The traveller is then issued a document – voucher - that will allow him to collect all the services at the destination.

Because each partner is responsible for their content as well as offers, has hardly received any complaints. As a matter of facts, last year had less than 1% of complaints.

Our network of partners comprise of 6 500 different facilities across Europe and with their help, we cater for more than 100,000 visitors as they search for their favourite holidays. Our visitors come from all over the world and the website can be viewed in 8 different languages.

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Several number of OTA, metasearch… integrations are included in your contract.

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