POWERNAPP takes hotel booking completely out of your hands. We make outsourcing the search & booking of business accommodations and conferences not only possible, but also very easy.

POWERNAPP features

POWERNAPP is an intermediary for corporate hotel use. We book for companies that have a wide spread of bookings throughout the Benelux. Because these companies are difficult to target for hotels, but have a good volume, this is our target group. By bundling the bookings of these companies we have a large volume and we can be valuable for hotels. We have three segments;


Individual reservations via our ‘closed’ portal, for employees who have to be on location for projects, usually from Monday to Thursday night with small teams. Think of companies in the installation sector, consultancy or construction. Bookings are made via our booking website, where we can link with Cubilis. Our bookers receive a 10% discount on the best available rate and we charge a 7.5% commission.

Project bookings

Individual reservations on request for a longer period, for bookers who need accommodation for a longer period of time. Think of projects in the offshore, larger construction projects in the infrastructure, etc. Because these bookings are more complex, a tailor-made project rate is always negotiated here with detailed agreements regarding F&B, cancellation, payments, etc. In this case, hotels can make a price proposal at their own discretion and strategy. Commission here is 10% on bed and breakfast (no F&B).


MICE bookings mainly from training companies that organize training sessions throughout the country. The on request method also applies here, with a 10% commission on the final contract value. Group bookings were also a substantial part before the crisis, such as theater tours, offsites, etc.


Several number of OTA, metasearch… integrations are included in your contract.

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