About RevControl

The easiest-to-use, all-in-one cloud Revenue Management System for hotels, hostels, and holiday parks. RevControl offers all the features you need to reach your business’ full revenue potential! Say goodbye to your boring old spreadsheets, and say hello to your stunning new dashboard.

RevControl, the Dutch cloud-based revenue management system, has been specially developed by hospitality experts to make your revenue management easy. It calculates recommended room rates based on the history, forecast, competitors and chosen pricing strategy. In addition, its clear reports and graphs give you quick insights into how your businesss evolving. RevControl is designed to assist you as a hotelier in your daily tasks. We have many great features and we regularly update the system with new and improved features based on user feedback.

Please consult our prospects for more comprehensive information or schedule a demonstration of our system at a time convenient for you.

RevControl features

  • Multi-Property: RevControl is perfectly suitable for centralised revenue management in hotel groups. You can view data from all your properties together, or select each individual property.
  • Group Recommendation Tool: Calculate room rates for groups and check your availability in a convenient tool. Define your minimum daily rate and your group discount strategy.
  • Autopublish: Automatically publish rates to your PMS or Channel Manager. New rate recommendations are available for 365 days in advance and calculated up to 4 times per hour. Hybrid or manual mode is also possible, you are in control!
  • Competitor Rate Shopping: You can track the daily rates of your top 10 most important competitors and use the competitor index to align your rates with the market.
  • KPI dashboards: Simple, responsive, and efficient. RevControl dashboard visualizes data in numbers, index tables, and charts. By combining multiple data sources, you are provided with an accurate overview of your revenue performance.
  • On the books data: Business on the books data uploads automatically from your PMS. RevControl compares today’s numbers to last year’s final results, historical data, and your budget.
  • Pick Up Alerts: RevControl immediately notifies you of unexpected large pickup in the next 365 days. You will never miss an opportunity to raise your rates. Receive input for optimizing your strategy and increase your RevPAR significantly.
  • Rate management: Our smart algorithm recommends your optimal daily rates by combining BOB, forecasted occupancy, competitor rates, and your own business rules. Use the rate calendar to easily verify rates and distribute the BAR to your PMS or Channel Manager.


  • Automatic Rate Updates for 365 days ahead, up to 4 times per hour
  • Working with RevControl saves you 16 hours a week on average.
  • Comprehensive analytics in reports and graphs.
  • Competitors rate shopping up to 10 competitors for 365 days in the future.
  • Never miss out on a revenue opportunity with our Pick-Up Alert tool.

RevControl pricing

€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

RevControl video
RevControl video

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