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What's great about SpeedyBooker?

SpeedyBooker is an innovative network of online booking engine focussed on supporting independent B&Bs, Hotels, Guest Houses, Hostels, Holiday Lets, Beach Huts and University Residences. Via their network of sites they generate over 60,000 bookings a year, growing fast.

SpeedyBooker features

Why list with SpeedyBooker?

No sign-up fees – SpeedyBooker work on a commission basis, so you only pay when they deliver a booking. Network of sites – one agreement with SpeedyBooker yet exposure across multiple websites, meaning extra traffic and bookings for you, for no extra effort. Easy to manage – update your availability, prices and details through your Cubilis system. Support the Environment - SpeedyBooker gives a small contribution from every booking (at no extra cost to you) to World Land Trust. By working with SpeedyBooker, you are contributing to this success story.

SpeedyBooker pricing

Channel Commission: 15% standard with a promo of 12.5% commission for Cubilis Vendors.

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