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Texel is the largest Wadden Island (Frisian island). Did you know that the island without a doubt offers the most variety of all?

The 7 charming villages of Texel all have their own atmosphere. They are surrounded by a lot of nature. You will also find an enormous wealth of birds and special plants on Texel outside the approximately 40 official nature reserves. We should not forget this fun fact: just as many sheep as people live on Texel.

Do you like hiking, bird watching and just enjoying nature in general? Then you're in the right place, because the Dunes of Texel National Park covers more than a quarter of the island. And there are also many nature reserves iin the middle of Texel and along the Wadden Sea. Everywhere on the island you will find remnants of the turbulent history of Texel. Go on an adventure!

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Texel has a rich and dynamic history. In 1170, the island was flooded by the All Saints Flood. The first traces of humans on the island date back to the Mesolithic Period, 8000-4500 B.C. In 1415, Texel received city rights. Texel reached a pinnacle in the 17th and 18th century when the merchant ships procured supplies for their long journeys in the Reede van Texel. A low was reached in April/May of 1945 during the Georgian uprising; the final battle of W.W. II. A bloody battle was fought between the Germans and an insurrection of Georgian soldiers, while the rest of the Netherlands had already been liberated.

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