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About VVV Vlieland

You can book an accommodation on Vlieland easily and quickly via VVV Vlieland. On this website you can easily find the available accommodations in a certain period. Renting via the VVV has a number of advantages: you have the possibility to arrange your boat tickets right away and on arrival you will receive a welcome package including a map and walking and cycling routes. The booking does not include cancellation insurance, we advise you to take it out yourself.

VVV Vlieland features

  1. Oude Kooi

This is the oldest piece of forest on Vlieland, constructed together with the duck decoy in 1898. Until the 2nd World War wild ducks were caught here. The Oude Eendenkooi can be recognized as the third forest from the village. A trapping arm was restored a few years ago, so you can get an idea how the duck decoy once worked.

  1. Bird observation cabin Dodeman's Bol

From the bird observation hut at Dodeman's Bol you have a wonderful view of the many shorebirds that come to feed and rest here.

  1. Bomenland

The Bomenland, the furthest forest from the village, is one of the older forest complexes, built with pine and spruce. The forest was created between 1903 and 1906. The road runs right through the forest. The spruce trees are at the end of their rotation and are being replaced by deciduous trees. Through the Bomenland a walking route of Staatsbosbeheer has been constructed. This is walk is 3.5 kilometers and can be followed using the poles with the yellow bands.

  1. Kroon's Polders

This is a nature reserve of four polders that were reclaimed between 1900 and 1930. The area owes its name to the supervisor of the Department of Public Works who was charged with the supervision of the reclamation. His last name was Kroon. The area has multiple functions; as a bird nesting area for ± 70 bird species and as a refuge and foraging area for the birds. You cannot enter the area, but the walk around it is also worthwhile. The area can be swampy! Be sure to visit the new bird hide in the Kroons Polders.

  1. Kooiplekslid

The Kooispleklid is a dune area with high and low dunes. On the west side of this dune area is a cranberry plain. The plain was used as pasture for many years, but has been part of the nature reserve again since 2000; from the higher cycle path, the view of the plagued valley is worthwhile. Chances are good that you will see a buzzard or kestrel hunting.

  1. Go outside!

Staatsbosbeheer organizes together with Information Center De Noordwester regular nature excursions. Among others wade excursions and excursions to the Kroon's Polder, for more information and bookings please contact De Noordwester.

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Several number of OTA, metasearch… integrations are included in your contract.

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