Wallonie Belgique Tourisme

Wallonie Belgique Tourisme

About Wallonie Belgique Tourisme

The ASBL, a public-private partnership structure, aims to promote the destination of Wallonia and operates thanks to the investment of its members.

The members of WBT are mainly SMEs, associations and very small companies and represent different sectors of tourism (attractions, accommodations, professional associations, transporters, activities related to business tourism).

More than 330 service providers are members of WBT.

Wallonie Belgique Tourisme features

The missions of the Association include:

  1. Define the content of the tourism image, which includes the analysis and design of marketing content and strategy. In order to position the destination brand and its promotional content, WBT has played a significant role in the rollout of the VISITWallonia brand created as part of the post-Covid tourism recovery.

  2. Structuring the leisure and business tourism offer, developing tourism products, promoting and marketing them. In order to highlight the tourism offer and products, WBT produces publications and edits thematic brochures.

  3. WBT informs and assists the press with articles and reports on tourism in Wallonia. Every year, WBT's press officers welcome more than 500 national and international journalists during approximately 200 press trips to Wallonia.

  4. WBT implements an innovative cooperative marketing approach by pooling public-private resources in a win-win approach. Public-private partnerships play a driving role via the Promotional Clubs, which structure promotion around the motivations of customers and product lines: leisure tourism and business tourism (MICE).

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