AIC Travel Group

AIC Travel Group

About AIC Travel Group is one of the greatest travel content providers and we place ourself among the B2B online Global Key Players. Made by passionate people with a forward-looking perspective, with innovative technology and very personal customer service. We operate in more than 100 countries with particularly strong positions in Russia and Eastern European countries, Central Europe, United States, South American countries and very constant growth in the rest of Europe, Asia and Middle East. Since we were established, we have combined Investments and Organic growth to a be dynamic, open-minded, fast and flexible company.

AIC Travel Group features

Everything you need at your fingertips

We offer you a wide range of travel products to cover all your customer's needs

Optimize your revenue with our cross-selling tools

The Ongoing Product and the wide choice of Ancillary Services are among our strengths. That defines us on the market and distinguishes us from our competitors.

AFFORDABLE Net Pricing with ad-hoc airfares

USER-FRIENDLY Select the destination and just book in a few clicks

TAILOR-MADE Because every client is different, with different needs and expectations

NO CONCERN AIC looks after all, and you have nothing to worry about

AIC Travel Group pricing

€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

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