About RecOnline

Founded in 1992, reconline offers a complete, inexpensive online distribution platform for small to mid-market independent hotels and hotel chains, to increase their visibility and materialize their potential in the major online hotel booking channels.

With reconline|CRS hotels receive a One-Stop-Distribution Solution that connects their inventory with over 450'000 travel agents worldwide (GDS), and the major online travel portals worldwide.

In addition, reconline|CRS provides hotels with a booking-engine solution to allow real-time reservations on a hotel website, as well as a Channel Management Soution, to maintain hotel rates and availability in extranets of online travel agents contracted directly by the hotel.

Currently, over 4000 hotels use reconline to manage their online distribution.

RecOnline features

reconline|CRS makes your hotel available for reservations with an estimated 450’000+ travel agents and distributors worldwide (GDS), as well as the major online travel agents (OTAs) and their thousands of affiliate sites.

With our complete online distribution solution, you can now manage your hotel’s description, images, rates, and availability across all your channels, while maintaining full control over your content at anytime.

RecOnline pricing

€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

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