Bhoss PMS

About Bhoss PMS

The front-office reservation system with back-office function, a particularly extensive software programme for small and medium-sized hotels and B&Bs.

You can't think of it and it's not in the software. Extensively tested in a "live" hotel situation. That is why our users are so enthusiastic about Bhoss Hotel. Not a standard program and certainly not developed for one hotel.

And last but not least: very pleasantly priced!

Bhoss PMS features

Native Software

We do not work in the "cloud", but simply on your computer or network.

The stability of the internet is not always guaranteed. No internet, no information about your guests, occupancy, arrival and/or departure of your guests, etc. etc.

Yet you can consult your PMS software anywhere in the world in your own system!

And that is how we do it.


The very extensive guest data is fully protected. The guest can check his/her data on a tablet and indicate whether this may be stored.

Third Party Links

  • Channel Manager SmartHotel or Cubilis
  • Hotek (room key interface)
  • Horeko
  • Various accounting packages
  • Thinstuff (fee per user)
  • Bullzip

Bhoss PMS pricing

€0,50 per unit (min. €19) per month for integration with the Cubilis Channel Manager.

Bhoss PMS screenshots

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