About Birokrat

In the company Birokrat IT we are engaged in the development and sale of software. We offer modern business information solutions for companies, sole traders, associations, public institutions, hotel and tourist facilities, shops, restaurants, etc. All our software is the result of our own development. Our more than 25 years of experience is a guarantee for an excellent solution Currently our business information solutions are used by more than 14,000 users throughout Slovenia.

Birokrat features

Birokrat is a modern program for managing the affairs of companies, sole proprietorships, associations and public institutions. It is intended for general use in office activities and accounting for service, trade or production activities, as well as for accounting services, which have to prepare tax and financial statements for their clients.

Birokrat pricing

€0,50 per unit (min. €19) per month for integration with the Cubilis Channel Manager.

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