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Social issues are becoming more complex. Supporting the social debate with facts and stimulating data-driven work can help. CBS has an important role in this, but it cannot do it alone: governments, knowledge institutions, educational institutions and companies need each other. CBS is happy to cooperate with these parties. One of the initiatives is the data ecosystem, in which a broad and diverse group of companies, academic institutions and governments (including CBS) want to better align the total range of data products and services with the needs of municipalities and provinces.

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The main focus is the production of statistical information based on European legislation. Tables and news releases containing the latest information are published daily. Detailed figures have been freely available for many years via the StatLine database. CBS also makes its entire database available as open data. CBS has a statutory duty to provide reliable statistical information and is independent in this regard. This puts it in a unique position in this dynamic environment. CBS is open about its activities, their results and the methods used. Companies and institutions, both inside and outside government, are aware of what Statistics Netherlands has to offer and are increasingly able to find it.

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