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About 365id

365id is a full-scale ID security company, with solutions for all situations. From the local machine rental company to major international players in the financial industry. With the market's most flexible infrastructure and world-class data management, we can provide a premium product at an extremely cost-effective price picture. Do as hundreds of customers around the world - work with 365id and make your customer journey safe, secure and fast.

365id features

With our effective identity control that speeds up the customer process, both you and your customer can feel safe and secure that the right information is registered. By using 365id, there are also benefits such as fraud with false ID documents being effectively detected and stopped.

We at 365id offer smart and simple solutions for hotels. Our services are quick to get started with and require no internal resources or other investments. Our API makes it very easy to integrate customer data from scanned ID documents to your existing PMS.

365id pricing

€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

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