About Antenor

versatile, reliable and secure

Antenor provides both cash and cashless solutions.

Antenor uses the most reliable, self-tested bill and coin recyclers in the market. Making any cash transaction a reliable and smooth experience.

All our cashless payments live up to the highest and latest security standards. We support all major terminal brands and cover multiple payment providers including near all local payment schemes across the EU.

We offer both off-line & cloud-based Closed User Group systems to cover use-cases like loyalty programs, virtual or member-based wallets that include access control features.

Antenor features

Consumer focused

Even when you are not there, our systems keep operating; Unattended and with the highest consumer focus.

Engaging & reliable

Making attractive and utmost reliable products that are efficient, engaging and effective, is at the hearth of our design philosophy.

Boundless use-cases

Leading in both cash and cashless solutions, supporting multiple payment providers, and both on- & off-line Closed User Group systems, we cover boundless use-cases.

Antenor pricing

€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

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