About Antenor

Versatile, reliable and secure

Antenor's self-service kiosk allows (hotel) guests to check in, edit reservation details, gain room access, make purchases and pay in self-service, without staff intervention.

The concept is simple: your guest checks in at the kiosk, pays any outstanding amounts (cfr. tourist tax) and then gets his key card which allows him/her to access the room.

The advantage for you? The entire process is completely unmanned, so hotel staff can be used in a different way.

Antenor features

Consumer focused

Even when you are not there, our systems keep operating; Unattended and with the highest consumer focus.

Engaging & reliable

Making attractive and utmost reliable products that are efficient, engaging and effective, is at the hearth of our design philosophy.

Boundless use-cases

Leading in both cash and cashless solutions, supporting multiple payment providers, and both on- & off-line Closed User Group systems, we cover boundless use-cases.

Antenor pricing

€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

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