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Our unique hybrid technology, combined with 33 years experience, guarantees you great value, at the right price in addition to excellent service, to focus on your business with ease of mind.

Medialog features

The PMS Medialog hotel is an innovative software that adapts to the needs of to the needs of your establishment, which facilitates and optimises your entire hotel management. Its hybrid Cloud & local architecture ensures flexibility, the performance and safety of your company's activity. This unique technology guarantees a high level of without interrupting the PMS, regardless of the quality of the your IT environment: permanent access in the event of a breakdown in the Internet network or in the event of a failure from your local server. It allows a secure management data, synchronised in real time, stored simultaneously on the remote Cloud server and the local server. To ensure smoother and more secure operation at your activity, it manages the updates automatically from the software and its environment.

Medialog pricing

€0,50 per unit (min. €19) per month for integration with the Cubilis Channel Manager.

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