Nestor PMS

About Nestor PMS

Nestor was conceived as early as 1989 and has been continuously developed ever since. In constant cooperation with hoteliers and restaurant owners, a practice-oriented implementation has been ensured. Nestor has a modular structure so that a tailor-made solution can be used for every business, whether as a single cash register programme or as a complete solution for hotels with bar and restaurant.

Nestor PMS features

Point of sale (POS) programme

  • Spatial distribution of bills over the floor plan.
  • Display articles / families with different colours & key layouts.
  • Arbitrary transfers from one invoice to another.
  • Transfer of individual items.
  • Print orders for bar / kitchen.
  • Send info to bar / kitchen.
  • Group tickets / individual billing.
  • Recording of working hours (time clock).
  • Extensive cash register and shift closing
  • Use of a mobile order terminal (PDA/tablet) with graphic interface.
  • Numerous other features.

Hotel management

  • Convenient, graphic room reservation by room number or category.
  • Room rates can be calculated automatically according to category / period.
  • Automatic occupancy optimisation for better occupancy rate.
  • Reservation can be distributed to several rooms if the period is occupied.
  • Automatic confirmation / cancellation / price offer.
  • Convenient registration of customers via electronic ID (eID).
  • Connection to an online reservation portal / channel manager (Cubilis,..).
  • Connection to the existing telephone exchange and entry of all telephone calls in the room bill.
  • Numerous other features.

Statistics & database

  • Automatic creation of the accommodation list for the O.N.T. / Statistical Office.
  • Electronic transmission of the police form (fiche d'hébergément).
  • Serial letters or mailings.
  • Extensive data management tools.
  • Automatic backup copies.
  • Numerous diagrams on occupancy,...
  • Possibility of connecting a data logger (black box).

Nestor PMS pricing

€0,50 per unit (min. €19) per month for integration with the Cubilis Channel Manager.

Nestor PMS screenshots

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