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Silverbyte Optima

About Silverbyte Optima

Silverbyte Ltd. is a leading supplier of property management software (PMS) to the hotel and hospitality industry since 1992. Optima have hundreds of installations in Europe, Africa, Asia, USA and commanding 85% of the hotel Market in Israel. We at Silverbyte are keeping it simple and elegant, orientating our developments to meet all changes and trends in the hospitality industry. Giving you the opportunity to transform your guest’s experience and level it up. We believe in “doing it right from the first time” with the enormous knowledge the company obtains due to our highly qualified staff. We focus all our efforts so that the Optima Solution gain profitability growth for our customers. Silverbyte’s philosophy is that although all hotels are selling the same product, each hotel and hotel chain is managed and operated differently.

Silverbyte Optima features

Meet our all-in-one software solution, the Optima line of Hotel Management Software

Real time monitoring and management: The ultimate solution for your property from Silverbyte. Includes front office management systems for all types of hotel operations. Optima is helpful for making better decisions, based on the data from all aspects of hotel operations.

Revenue increase: With our software, the management can generate reports, which will help to improve working process all around the hotel. Optima offers integration with leading Online Channels.

Improve guests’ experience: With Optima, the hotel guests will enjoy better service, as a result from the improvement in working process in the hotel’s different departments.

Silverbyte Optima pricing

€0,50 per unit (min. €19) per month for integration with the Cubilis Channel Manager.

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