About Hotjar

On a mission to make the web a better place

We started life in 2014 as a people-first, self-funded, fully-distributed company, dedicated to helping people make websites their users love. Then after seven great years (almost all of which were profitable), we joined forces with Contentsquare to take this mission to the next level.

We’re very proud to serve customers in 180+ countries, and work with the best people around the world: our global team of over 200 Hotjarians works remotely throughout Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

Hotjar features

Put our customers at the heart of everything

Our top priority is delivering value to the people that rely on Hotjar to solve their day-to-day challenges.

Be bold and move fast

We pursue big goals by prioritizing brilliantly, taking quick decisions, and delivering incremental change.

Work with respect

We are honest, tolerant, and inclusive. And we measure success not by profits alone, but by contributions to all stakeholders.

Build trust with transparency

We communicate with our team, customers, users, and end-users in a clear, timely, and open way.

Challenge ourselves to grow

We celebrate results and we are always thinking about ways to grow and improve.

Hotjar pricing

€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

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