About serves as a digital team member for your hotel, reaching out to guests directly via WhatsApp. It sends tailored messages to your guests, enhancing their overall stay experience. With its cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the tool can swiftly answer queries, cater to specific requests and promote upsells, operating in near real-time.

Adopting can bring a multitude of benefits for your establishment. Not only does it augment guest satisfaction levels, but it also cuts down on operational responsibilities that your team juggles daily. Furthermore, with its capacity for upselling, you can observe a notable uptick in your overall revenues. The integration of could redefine your hotel's level of customer service. features

Pro-active WhatsApp messaging Engage in proactive communication with your guests on WhatsApp, starting from the time they arrive until after their departure. serves as an automated assistant, effectively managing frequent inquiries, dealing with requests, and proposing additional services with remarkable accuracy and efficiency.

Omni-language Say goodbye to language barriers! Your guests can interact comfortably in their native tongue, with swiftly translating their messages to your language and back, ensuring seamless communication regardless of language proficiency.

Inbox's accessible inbox allows hotel staff to effortlessly engage in conversations with guests whenever required. This guarantee of seamless chat interactions permits the hotel personnel to address challenging inquiries and requests, thereby enhancing the guest experience.

Customer insights Discover your guests' preferences, the additional services they require, and whether they're availing of any extras through their chat interactions. Our comprehensive dashboard provides valuable insights into guest engagement levels, the volume of messages received, frequently posed questions, and commonly requested services. Additionally, it provides a clear view of the profits being generated from supplementary services, giving you a thorough understanding of your business dynamics. pricing

€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product. screenshots

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