TakTik - FlowR

TakTik - FlowR

About TakTik - FlowR

FlowR Middleware optimizes digital video delivery on your network.

FlowR combines all the features your guests, patients or collaborators expect in one unified software platform.

FlowR provides entertainment, interactivity, sharing services whatever the format of your assets or the connected devices.

Based on open technologies, FlowR Middelware is fully modular and scales up according to your needs:

  • FlowR licenses for TV / STB (Samsung, LG, Philips, Vestel, Amino, DuneHD)
  • FlowR licenses for PC / Tablets / Mobiles (Windows, iOS, Android (TM))
  • FlowR licenses for Bedside Terminals (Windows, Android (TM), Linux)

TakTik - FlowR features

  • Retrieve and display the guest name/last name
  • Welcome message
  • IPTV interface directly in the language of the guest
  • In-room Entertainment TV Solution (Live TV channels, On-Demand Contents, Games...)
  • Multilingual & Multiscreen
  • Hotel Services Promotion
  • Information Services (Internal channels, Digital signage, Weather, Traffic, Airports infos)

TakTik - FlowR pricing

€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

TakTik - FlowR screenshots

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