About VisitorData

VisitorData collects digital anonymous data via automatic processes on the number of guests and overnight stays at accommodation providers that have to be recorded in accordance with the requirements of the night register. This data is translated into clear and accessible insights via an online portal. These insights can be used to work on policies such as city marketing, space for new accommodation developments and the distribution of tourism within the municipality or region. Insight is also needed for targeted enforcement through the registration of visitors and the monitoring of trends that may indicate improper use. The digital night register is in line with the legislation about keeping a night register. This legislation stipulates that a person providing accommodation must keep a permanent night register and share it (on request) with the municipality. We link up with existing registration obligations so that there is no increase in the administrative burden for the accommodation provider. In most cases, automation will reduce the administrative burden. No personal details are processed in the digital night register. Therefore, the privacy of visitors is not at issue. Much is possible in the field of registration and enforcement, and the digital night register is an innovative and efficient tool to support the municipality.

VisitorData pricing

€19 per month for integration with a Stardekk product.

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